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i think its a good website for r nation. i want to say thanks to all the staf in this website. long live kurdistan

Submitted by: awat dawdy
Date: December 27, 2006

Subject: Maktoumeen - white paper

Hi, I am interested about Kurdish people, about history. I read about Syria, Kurdish people are without nationality Ajanib and Maktoumeen. And Maktoumeen they have not identity dokuments, they have a white paper . Could you help me where I can found in internet this information about white paper. Or it is paper from Mukhtar and what he wants? a orange paper or white paper?? Thank you so much to everybody who give me this information.


Submitted by: Roman
Date: December 18, 2006

Subject: Site Layout

Thank you for all your efforts,

Just a quick note to improve the usability of the site, The font size and type are very problematic and needs really to be reviewed,

Regarding the stories really appreciate it.

Submitted by: Kamin
Date: November 09, 2006

To Dearest Halil

I respect that you have taken personal time to write on this respected Kurdish website and also i am happy that you have a peaceful mind but please do not talk of things that you dont have sufficent knowledge on. I agree that Kurds and Turks lived in brotherhood once upon a time but it was a one sided brotherhood. We gave our helping hand to the Turkis h nation and we let them in our home like the generous and kind people we are but that was taken advantage of. As much as I hate to admit, Kurds were never loved and respected by Turkish people. They have left us homeless and have taken away our liberty and basic right to life. This is not only Turkey, its also the case with Iran, Iraq, Armenia and Syria. We never had true friends. Our only friends are the mountains and thats all we should ever have as true loyal friends.

Please do not ignore all the pain and suffering the Kurds have gone(and still are going through)today. Our problem is that we are not recognised and that Turkey and other countries are denying the fact that we exist and are facing ill treatment. By you writing that we live in peace and brotherhood doesnt really help to show people that really we are being mistreated. we have to get our voices heard and show that we are not happy. Do not silence us by acting as if everything is ok because that is not true.

Thank you and i hope you take what i am saying as a advice from a 16 year old kurdish girl. Long live Kurdistan, biji serok Apo

Submitted by: Delal
Date: October 12, 2006

Subject: up dated info

If you are still keeping this up, I will get with my friends that are working in Kurdistan and provide more photos and information. I like the information and would like to provide you with more up to date photos and news of these people.

Submitted by: tony cordova
Date: October 09, 2006


I consider the book like a piece of GOLD

Submitted by: M.HERSH
Date: October 03, 2006

Subject: error in posting comments

A valuable website. Please keep updating. I am trying to post a comment in order to identify an image. But it giver error.

Submitted by: Amedyan
Date: October 02, 2006

Subject: i like your community

hi every one i am a kurd from KURDISTAN,i am proud of my nation i know our land been occupied by our enemy as turk,fars and arab, but i believe new generation of kurd will sort out our problem it might take long time but finaly we will find out our solutin by ourselves and we will be independent one day soon ,with out eoropean or american act , because i believe they are deaf and blind(they just pretend that they are blind or deaf) otherwies they can see every barbarism action(torture,long term prison for political activity,killing civilian innocence people including children, terrorist activity towards kurds) from turks,arab,and fars, LONG LIFE KURDISTAN, LONG LIFE FREEDOM.

Submitted by: MEDYA
Date: September 27, 2006

Subject: dreams

amo este povo com toda minha alma,se eu pudesse fazer algo pela causa certamente faria porque sou uma ativista nata.mas penso que minhas condiÁűes financeiras n„o qualquer forma fico feliz por poder contribuir de forma insignificante com o meu grande amor por essa gente.


i love this people with all my soul, if i could do something for this cause i would certainly do it because i am an activist at heart. but i think my financial conditions do not permit. in any event, i am happy to contribute in some insignificant shape with my great love for these people.

(translation from Portuguese by Pedro Linger Gasiglia)

Submitted by: ADRIANA
Date: August 27, 2006

Subject: thankness

First of all i have to thank you for all your effort that you have done. I should say you did a great job. I am very happy to see some kind of sites like these, which we can benefit from. What surprised me here all those pictures that collected here, and most of them are old and historical pictures which is unbelieveable.

I have nothing to add but thankness aand thank you very much indeed again.

A kurdish student from united kingdom.

Submitted by: Muhammad Ibrahim
Date: August 27, 2006

Subject: the ma?

Why do you place a map that is not correct. there is not a country eastern of turkey called kurdistan. Pls change it..

Date: August 13, 2006

Subject: Kurdistan

I do not see any reference to the United Nations resolution concerning Kurdistan in northern Iraq.

To my knowledge, the only land in question was in northern Iraq, and if the Iraqi government failed to protect the Kurds and allow them to live in autonomy to the north, the region would be turned over to Turkey, and Turkey would oversee the Kurds living in autonomy. Eastern Turkey was not in question at that time.

Submitted by: John Birdyshaw
Date: July 23, 2006

Subject: respect TO EACH OTHER

i thing its not importand in what side in u r the important think is RESPECTING TO EACH OTHER IF ALL SIDES DONT UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER WHEN WILL KURDISH AND TURKISH FIGHT END??

Submitted by: FIRAT
Date: July 08, 2006

HI.I`m from [KURDISTAN.] even though i know. is going to be very hard to build.Kurdistan.but what i`m saying i thing to these nation around us. [THEY.TO.HAVE.BE, the end they do everything name of.GOD. but in this life . or in the other life they will answer 1 day. nothing can go for ever.1day you trun will come to , you will fill it to some way we fill it has a Kurdish.this my words to TURKEY.shame of them.some poeple say`s the turkish. they come from china.before you b`live that , go look the miror.the miror dont LIE whitout kutdish people turkey is nothing.they dont even control their contry./60`p of turkis people they dont know nothing.UYAN,the day is not that far.Long Live.Kurdistan.

Submitted by: Z
Date: July 03, 2006

Subject: other

I liked your site

Submitted by: Peter Jones
Date: June 30, 2006

Subject: Great Website

i just thought i would look up kurdistan to see what the country was like as i am in love with a kurdish boy and need to know more about how things work for them. i think this is a great website keep up the good work guys!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: aroha
Date: June 21, 2006

Thank you for this compelling site. So grateful to understand more about the Kurds and their life and cause.

Submitted by: Keta
Date: June 21, 2006

Subject: Books from India

I saw your website which that is very nice. Good job done.

: Really nice interesting site. thank you for it

So please keep it up to Add Link our site.

Our website..

Submitted by: amazing (An Online book Shop of India)
Date: June 12, 2006

Subject: Western Injustice

Since after WWI, the Kurds have been political pawns of the West. It is time to rectify this injustice.

Submitted by: Dr. Tim I. Munson, Omaha, NE USA
Date: June 10, 2006

Subject: oyuna gelmeyin

Ey Kurtler, birinci dunya savasi sonrasi Avrupalilar Yunan halkini nasil kullandilarsa, simdi de sizi kullanmak istiyorlar. Yunanlilar derslerini aldi, siz de aklinizi basiniza alin bu oyuna gelmeyin. Bu milletin sabrindan cesaret almaya kalkmayin. Biliyorum bolgeniz gelismedi, ekonomik sorunlar var. Ancak bir dusunun bolgede sanayinin gelismemesi orada Kurtlerin yasamasindan mi kaynaklaniyor yoksa cografi yapidan mi? adresinde hangi kelimeyi en cok hangi bolgenin aradigi yaziyor. "kurdistan kelimesi" en fazla Isvec`in sehirlerinde araniyor. Bir dusunun Isvec nere Diyarbakir nere? Bu adamlarin niyetleri baska.. Tekrar uyariyorum. BU oyuna gelmeyin. Bu gerizekali Avrupalilar a olaylari yanlis aktarip o sekilde destek almaya calisiyorsunuz. Destek verdigini ornek aldiginiz Ocalan`in kundaktaki Kurt cocuklarini katlettirdigini de anlatin bakalim o zaman bazi iyi niyetli insanlar bugun verdikleri destegi yine verecek mi..Kotu niyetliler bunlari bile bile destekleyeceklerdir, cunku o kundakda oldurulen Kurt cocugu onun kesinlikle umrumda degil..Turk-Kurt kardesce yasamisiz yillar boyunca lutfen bu kardeslik bozulmasin.

TRANSLATION by Aytul Gurtas:

Hi Kurds, Same as they used the Greek people after the

First World War, now, the Europeans want to use you

too. The Greeks learned their lesson, you put you self

together (or Be wise AG) and do not fall in the same

trap. Do not get encouraged by the patient that nation

(meaning Turkish AG) I know that your region is

underdeveloped, it has economic problems. But try to

think if the reason for the underindustrilization of

the region is the geographic structure or just because

Kurds are living there (meaning it was left

underdeveloped concisely by the Turkish state because

the Kurds are living there AG). The internet address provides the

information about the which word is searched by which

region and, the word ďKurdistanĒ is searched mostly

from Swedish cities. Think about it, where is Sweden

and where is Diyarbakir? Those men have a secret

agenda. I warn you again. Do not fall into that trap.

You are telling the events wrongfully to the Europeans

and trying to acquire their support by that way. Than

tell also how Ocalan, who you support and also see as

a role model, has the Kurdish babies massacred and

letís see than if those good intentioned people will

continue to provide the same support they have giving

you today. Of course, the bad intentioned ones will

continue to support (you) concisely because they do

not care about the killed Kurdish babies at allÖ Turks

and Kurds lived in brotherhood for long years and

please do not harm that brotherhood.

Submitted by: Halil
Date: June 07, 2006

Subject: Love of Kurdistan

I have great respect for the Kurdish people. I have read about the peshmerga soilders and life in the war torn place Kurdish people once called home. I love the pictures they are awsome. I pray with all my heart that the Kurds will get their land and homes that they deserve. Long live Kurdistan!!

Submitted by: Danita_Woods
Date: May 30, 2006

Subject: d

hello i am from Kurdistan but i live in switzerlan, so i found the website and i was very happy to see that because i think its important to not forget our cultur and i want just to say thanks

Have a nice day

Submitted by: Dicle
Date: May 23, 2006

Subject: remembers

I really enjoyed about this website. I felt in love with a kurdistan when I travelled to Norway. There I knew a Kurdo who was a very nice man....still I remember him.

Submitted by: Jacquelina
Date: April 28, 2006

Subject: Kurdish culture

Thank you, your site is really informative.

As a student, I found out that the Kurdish are one of the great nations. They brought a lot to humanity. Unfortunately, some of your cultures seem to be presented to the world as a Turkish culture (gastronomy and dance are two examples). The source of the information about Kurds to western peoples were always Turkish. As I have read the comments of some Turkish origins here, I understood why the western peoples know the Kurdish society as a tribal society even thought it is not really the case ( or at least it looks like exactly Turkish society).

I hope that the Kurds can stand peacefully up and rectify the injustices which have been done to them across the modern history.


Submitted by: Jonathan
Date: April 23, 2006

Subject: Your site

it is a successful but weird site.becouse the map over there is just even contains the territory of georgia.armenia and Turkish cities of the Republic of Turkey.please dont be so imaginative and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE !!!

Submitted by: Batuhan
Date: April 19, 2006

Subject: Taks and appraciate

Actually, i do not know how to explain my feelings. Right now, I just want to say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" for creating that very friendly, thoughtfull website which explains Kurdish (Kurds realted) stories with its all naturality. I hope some type of communities, who lives with Kurds for hundreds, thousands years, behave like you.

Submitted by: Ali
Date: March 29, 2006

Subject: same trick

hi my comment about this site in the our turkish history since from china , lots of country , nations (by war,politically and much more) with trick they try to destroy my turkish nation today same trick same game planing about modern turkey same nations just people different all the same old game you worried about kurdish ? you know i know this comedi just west want to use this people is one other trick game isnt you shouldnt forget what america, england, france, germany greece, russia today doing all around the world then lets tallk human rights if you look world history you know what i mean but believe me we are great nation you try turkish people than try kurdish

Submitted by: murat
Date: March 28, 2006

Subject: mevlana ,yunusemre

merhaba tarihboyunca turmilletini yikmaya calisan sayisiz milletler olmustur tarihe bakilinca bugunde ayni seyler olmaktadir tarih tekerrurden ibaretdir osmanlinin uzerinde zamaninda oynanan oyunla bugunde turkiyenin uzerinde oynanmaktatir silahla gucle yapamadiklarini batililar insanlar arasina nifak tohumlari sokarak yapmaya calismaktadir sizlerde bu oyunun ( kurtler) kuklalarindan ote birsey degilersiniz bugunturkiyedeki vatanseverlik duygularindan yoksun herseyden once turkmilletinin bir lidere ihtiyaci var turkiyeyi avrupaya pazarlamaya calisanlaradegil siz zannetmeyinki amarika vee muttefikleri kerkuku yada musulu sizebirakacaklar birazsagduyulu murekkep yalamis akilli kurtler bunu anliyorlardir bugun amarikanin gozu ortaasyadadir turkleri birligecagriyorum turkisdanda olanlar ruslarin yaptikyiklari yogoslaclarin yada almanlarin yahudilereyaptiklari eger bugun 7 yillik osmanli tarihinde hosgoru anlayis olmasaydi bugundunyada ne bir kurd, yahudu yada hiristiyan yada etnik bir gurup kalirdi turk topraklarinda kurtleri arastiracaginiza once kapidan girin bir binaya catidan degil bizim insanligimizi turklerin delikanliklarini hosgorulerini ogrenin kulturlerinide sonrada onlari ogrenin sizin bugun bir said nursu hazretleri varsa saygim sonsuz o insana zamaninda ona soruldugunda savasyapalimdiye kurtliderler o nun sozunu ututtunuzgaliba kardesi kardesemi kirdiracaksiniz diye ve insan bizim yunus emremiz hz mevlanamiz yeter ne olursan ol yine gel bu hosgoruden cikan insanlarin torunlari olarak biz turkler hep tarihimizle gurur duymususdur kafanizi toprakdan cikartinda el ele vererek insan gibi yasiyalim insan yemek yedigi eli hancer sok maz asirlardir turkmilletiyle yasadiniz nerde kutrce konusuluoydiye turklersize birsey soylemiz bizim cumhurbaskanimiz bile kurtkokenlidegilmiydi ic isleri bakanligi kurtdegilmiydi sizin kendi sihlariniz sizi kullanmadimi agalariniz bugunde kullanmiyormu once onlara bir durdegin

TRANSLATION: Courtesy Aytul Gurtas

Subject: mevlana ,yunusemre

Hello. There have been numerous number of nations in the history that tried to destroy Turkish nation, the same thing is happening today again, the history is repeating itself. The conspiracies that had targeted the Ottomans have been repeated against Turkey today. The westerners have been trying to spread hatred between the people to archive (their goals) by that way that they could not succeed with the arms. You too (Kurds) are not anything else but the puppets of that game. Today, Turkish nation needs a leader, not ones

that has not any patriotic feelings and tries to market Turkey to Europe. Do not think that the USA and its allies will leave Kirkuk and Mosul to you. The

somehow educated Kurds probably understands that. Today, the USA has her eyes on the Central Asia. I call on the Turks for unity. The ones who are not Turks, (you better think of ) the things that what had Russian , Yugoslavians, or the things that Germans did to the Jews. If there has not been understanding of tolerance of the 7 years of (I think he wants to say 7 hundreds) Ottoman History, there have been not any Kurds, Jews, Christians and any other ethnic groups could have survived in the Turkish land. Instead of researching about Kurds, first get into the building from the door

not from the window and see our (Turksí) humanity, honesty and tolerance, their culture .. If there has been a Said-I Nursi to him. It seems that you Kurdish leaders have forgotten what he answered when you had asked him whether you should war or nor. He said, ď Are you going to make brothers to kill brothersĒ, and we have Yunus Emre and Mevlana (who said) come,

regardless what you are, come again. As the grandchildren of that t(tradition of ) tolerance, we,the Turks, have always felt pride of our history. Take

your heads out of the soil, (meaning open your eyes and see the reality) and letís hold hand to hand and live together in a human way. A person should not put a knife into the hand that gives him food, you have been living with theTurkish nation for centuries, did Turks said you any thing (bad). Was not even our President a Kurdish origin one and same as Interior Minister? Have not your aghas (tribal leaders AG) used their weapons against you as they do the same even today. You should first tell them to stop.

PS: Said-i Nursi is a Kurdsih cleric who has some thousands of followers known as nurcular. He was known as Said-i Kurdi and considered to be an enemy of the Republic.Dies in 1960 and his body was taken from his

grave and transported to an unknown location by the government later on. By referring him, the writer hints his tendencies forIslam, I think. Also the names

of Mevlana (altough Persian, Turks like referring him as Turk) and Yunus Emre, anopther sufi, are the indication of a more religious than a Turkish

nationalistic person.

Submitted by: murat sarioglu
Date: March 28, 2006

Why...why did Kurdistan disappear from the map

Submitted by: doreen haldemann
Date: March 25, 2006

Subject: Kurdish history

I am curious about how the Kurdish people reached their present situation. Salahdin was a Kurd. Even as late as the early 20th Century there was a Kurdish landowner who traded his land to the Ottoman Empire in return for positions in the Ottoman Army, as officers, for his 90 sons. I have seen Hosap Castle in SE Turkey. That was a Kurdish stronghold. Those people were neither poor nor powerless. What happened since those days? Or perhaps too amny Kurds traded their land for positions in the Ottoman court. I have asked many Kurds about this; and no one seems to have an answer.

Submitted by: Kathryn Grover
Date: March 23, 2006

Subject: karabakh

i dont agree with you about the karabakh .pls do some research from cccp archives then write the true history please. i am from azerbaijan.

Submitted by: mixayl
Date: March 13, 2006

Subject: nice site web site.

I came across your web site and it sound very good.Please keep on the good work.


Abakeleke Owerri.

Submitted by: Abakeleke Owerri
Date: March 10, 2006

Subject: Independent Kurdistan


8 Warren Close, Rosendale Road,

London SE21 8NB.

TEL: 0044 208 378 0928 FAX: 0044 208 378 1656

Mob: 0044 77325 49495

Independent Kurdistan will benefit everyone

For over a thousand years, we, the Kurds have been ruled, and mostly oppressed by Arabs, Persians and Turks, in particular where the Islamic faith is used as an ideological tool.

The end of the First World War and collapse of the Ottoman Empire brought hope and many expectations to the Kurds. We sought the dawn of a new era, bringing modernisation and independence to us and our neighboring peoples. It however only resulted in the Great Powers of the day partitioning Kurdistan.

These powers then began to negotiate and purchase Kurdish oil from the new Arab, Turkish and Persian states which they had created, almost from nothing, causing huge injustice to the Kurds and culminating in the instability and conflicts of today.

The revenues from this oil were later used by the artificial new states to remove the West from the Middle East, and to fuel further conflicts.

For over 80 years we the Kurds have protested to major powers that most of these regimes are terror states, which deny democracy to their people, use religion as a tool, plunder everything in their path and willfully kill any persons who thwart their objective.

Our Kurdish culture and roots are close to Europe. History proves that we, like the Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Franks, Saxons and Britons are of Indo-European source.

I can truthfully state that we Kurds prefer economic cooperation with modern Europe, to fuse our resources, manpower, intelligence and wealth, so creating a stronger role for Europe in the Middle East. Kurdistanís geologically proven wealth not only features oil and gas, but many other minerals and water resources.

Kurdistanís large and varied population has long traditions of technical, intellectual and artistic skill.

The political geography of the Middle East today is unstable. It requires urgent changes, including a Road Map for a new and stable, prosperous and progressive Middle East. Greater Kurdistan must exist, or there will never be stability.

These changes must enable the Greater Kurdistan to exist, with the creation from Syria of a 400-kms Free Zone stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the borders of current Iraq. The New Iraq must be divided from the intersection of the Euphrates River at Baghdad; Iran must give up Kurdish territory from the Straits of Hormuz to the Caspian Sea.

Oil geologists know the extent of oil reserves in this region, and their potential to solve the increasingly short supply of oil in the world. Kurdish Oil and Western partnership will provide that supply security, within secure, just and stable frontiers.

Sardar Pishdare

Submitted by: Sardar Pishdare
Date: March 07, 2006

Subject: Open Letter

Kurd Oil

8 Warren Close, Rosendale Road, London SE21 8NB

Tel: 0044 208 378 0928 Fax: 0044 208 378 1656






From: Sardar PISHDARE, Kurd Oil and Greater Kurdistan Homeland Movement

Date: February 20, 2006


As my KURD OIL movement has demonstrated and described, Greater Kurdistan is well endowed with oil and gas resources. This has not escaped your attention.

It has not escaped our attention that the examples of Tibet, Kashmir and Sikkim show that you have acted, on occasions, to the detriment of the independence, liberty and self-determination of sovereign peoples, and to the detriment of their Human Rights. Your image and reputation in the International Community of Nations is necessarily tarnished by this.

Your recent and growing interests in Syrian Kurdistan and Iranian Kurdistan are solely motivated by your desire for oil and gas resources, but unlike Tibet, Kashmir or Sikkim the Kurdish people and nation is strong and united. We number about 50 Million, similar to the population of Spain, 2 times that of Holland, or 6 times that of Switzerland.

We will give no support, aid or cooperation to any foreign power which attempts to exploit the current situation, and the injustice we the Kurds suffer, and ignores our legitimate calls for Nationhood.


When China and India were powerless colonial possessions and subject to divide-and-rule by foreign powers, in 1918-1923, Greater Kurdistan then existed as a recognized national entity with full sovereignty of its natural resources. At that time, if you had been national entities, and were not powerless colonial possessions, all and any attempts by yourselves to gain access to Greater Kurdistanís oil and gas resources would have required our agreement and approval.


Greater Kurdistan is the inevitable and inescapable link between the European Union, soon of 27 nations, and the Middle East. The rights and liberties of all autonomous and traditional peoples are recognized, by treaty, in the European Community of Communities.

Greater Kurdistan today includes territories, occupied by Kurdish peoples, that since 1923, or later are claimed and dominated by Syria, Turkey and Iran. That part of Iraq which is a de facto part of Greater Kurdistan now enjoys nearly complete autonomy and is under full control of the Kurdish people.

Greater Kurdistan, as an autonomous entity within the enlarged European Union, will include those parts of Syria and Iran which are today of interest to Chinese and Indian oil interests. The present on-the-ground presence of Kurdish communities in these areas and regions of Greater Kurdistan is a fact that you will accept and accede to.


Your desire to rapidly produce and export Kurdish Oil will require full cooperation by ourselves in those regions where you intend to enter, produce and prospect, and export our national oil resources. At the same time, you refuse all rational, legitimate and seemly debate of the so-called ďKurdish QuestionĒ, and our demands for rapid accession to full national status, or at very least full regional autonomy in all those regions of Greater Kurdistan where our presence is dominant and traditional.

We repeat that no aid, support or cooperation will be forthcoming from us if there is no acceptance by yourselves of our legitimate demands for Kurdish Homeland.


We are apprised that the European nations and communities also seek secure and abundant supplies of Oil and Gas at firm and fair prices. Our proximity to Europe, and our long history of cultural and historical linkage to the European nations and communities clearly provides Greater Kurdistan with attractive alternatives to the present actions of Chinese and Indian interests. This will be under unequal, unfair and unjust conditions, which ignore our legitimate claims to national identity and autonomy at least equal to that enjoyed, for example by the Catalonians, Welsh, Basques or Scottish.


We propose that you enter immediately into full and fair discussion of all matters and questions concerning your proposed entry into Kurdish regions and territories, for the development and extraction of Kurd Oil.

We continue by proposing that you work with Greater Kurdistanís traditional and popular leadership to resolve all questions of peace and security for your operations, with those existing, present and future powers in Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

At that time, on resolution of all these matters, we propose the establishment of just and equal treaties for the rational development of Greater Kurdistanís national resources, including hydrocarbon resources, to the benefit of all.




Submitted by: Sardar Pishdare
Date: March 07, 2006

Subject: Shalom Kurdistan

All I have to say is Shalom Kurdistan. I hope you get your state sooner rather than later. There are your friends in Israel and beyond who are waiting to work with you for a better region.

Submitted by: Barry
Date: February 22, 2006


I remember when Abdullah Ocalan said that the middle east should get together and stop fighting one another.

Nobody wanted to listen to him, he was labeled as a terrorist even by some of his people!!

He warned us saying that the Americans were going to attack us but nobody took notice or any precautions.

America bombed its own twin towers in order to find an excuse to invade the middle east and take advantage of our rich oil and petrol.

America had to find some way to get her hands on money due to its fast growing population and business, people always hide behind religion but really and truelly thats not the case because its all about power and politics.If religion was really valued, if people like bush and binladin really believed in their religions why would they risk being burned in hell? we all know that once we die its the end of it theres no such thing. America guessed that we middle easterners wouldnt stick together and therefore found us as an easy target and we proved them right!!

Why are we fighting over whose a sunni and whose shitte?

What is it that kurds have done that they have been robbed of their rich land Mesopotamian Kurdistan??

Why cant we just appreciate what people from around our regions have instead of selfishly wanting it all for ourselves??


Submitted by: ANON
E-mail: ANON
Date: February 08, 2006

Subject: Dear Mr Berdan

Dear Berdan

I laughed when i saw your anti-Kurdish message

please keep your disgusting comments to yourself, I would feel sorry for you if oneday YOU actually wake up from your dream world and start to see the kurdish history a little more clearly.

You tell us to go and to leave your Turkish lands but what you dont understand is that we never came to the middle east to leave!!!

We kurdish people are one of the first nations that grew in the middle east from the Median Empire which I proudly say. We came to the middle east before the Arabs and Jews.

I pity you because I believe your mouth would be the cause to your death!! How can you hate us?? havent you ever heard that "you have to know your enemy to hate them"

I know the Turkish history better that most of the Turks but dont get me wrong i dont hate Turks, Im not like you to let anger and haterd fill my heart and blur my vision.

I am a open minded Kurdish girl at 16 years of age.

Let me teach you one thing about your history.

Turks originate from the mongol desent, they originally come from mongolia and they later mixed with the balkans (Romanians, Albanians and kosovans) and eventually CAME to the middle east and mixed with the Arabs mainly, so Turks lost their old features like oriental eyes and pale skin.

so tell me how can we be the ones that have to leave when your the ones that came later on? You are the travelers not us and I hope you are not insulted because I am only teling you what is true but then again truth does hurt!!!

Submitted by: ANON
Date: February 08, 2006

Subject: Pray for Peace

As a person who toured Turkey and Iraq during the 1980, I grew to love the Kurdish people. I pray they will eventually find peace.

Submitted by: Rick Johnson
Date: February 05, 2006


To Historian:

I dont belive it! How can you be so ignorant???

Do you think that we actually want to be in Turkey or something??

I have never been to Turkey in my life!!!

I have always gone to Kurdistan, The middle east not Turkey

That is our land that got taken away and we are still standing on it and fighting to "take it back" we arent going to create a kurdistan because it already exists, a stupid political paper or map cant tell me where im from

Kurds are the proud people of mesopotamia, the most ancient land of all times and we were in the middle east before the arabs and jews.

We are pure and dont lack originality!!!

In your reply you said that we should go, we should get out of Turkey well for your information i really pity you for not knowing your own history!!!

You turks are originally from a mongroid background

turks were originally mongolian that mixed with the balkens (romanian, albanian, russian, kosovans) "came" to the middle east mixed with the arabs ...

So i really dont understand how you can tell us to go, when you were the ones that "came" uninvited.

believe it or not but i really dont hate turks, I just hate your type that hate others without knowing them (you have to know your enemy to hate your enemy)

I dont see turks as the enemy but what im fighting on is that i would want people to acknowledge the difference between us!!!

by the way my real name is "DELAL" a beautiful kurdish name but my dad was put into prison as a result of saying the word!!!!!

I really dont understand how some (not all) turks can say that they are muslim???

And that reminds me, the saviour of islam is yet again a kurdish man named Saladdin Ayubbi.

Kurds,Africans,Indians and greeks have the richest history in the world and this is a fact

obviously other countries have also had amazing and the most incredible achievements ever but the main ones would have to be Africa and the kurdish land of Mesopotamia.


Submitted by: Aslihan Cakir
Date: February 01, 2006

Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres.

Solution to the war in the middle east requires bold and creative policy from the leaders of our nation. Our dependence on oil is the root cause and motive for the continuation of this war. The attacks we have sustained , the hate we endure pervasively through out the Muslim world, is undeniably the result of failed foreign policy. Mired in a war of insurgency while those who hate us wait for attrition to sap our will to prevail. Slavishly we react to the policy and actions of those who would do us harm. Will they risk invigorating our resolve with bold attacks upon our body politic? Or calmly wait for our resolve to faulter. The American media provides in depth examination of the suffering our forces endure. How long will the public tolerate this and which way will public opinion fall? The speed and intensity of information may precipitate a shorter time frame than our policy makers envision. The current phase of the Oil War centers in the fertile crescent. Diverse ethnic groups and religious factions divide and exacerbate Iraq, the result of historical action by the British aimed at creating a controllable political entity at the expense of ethnic sensibility. A contrivance for which we suffer today. Perhaps in that mistake lies our solution.

The Kurds strive for an independent Kurdistan in the north and in all the middle east they are the most ecumenical to our interests. The Shiites in the south have suffered the oppression of the Sunni minority who are concentrated in central Iraq. As the British sought to use ethnicity to divided and control might not we use it to solidify three distinct ethnicities yearning for expression. The predominantly Shiite populations in the middle east may take comfort in the recognition of their brothers. A judicious division of natural resources will give economic stability and political support to our overriding concerns. Indeed it is possible to envision a Kurdistan based American military presence in an area so generally unfriendly. Kurdish aspirations to rejoin the Kurdish population in what is presently northern Iran may be fortuitous.


Date: February 01, 2006

Subject: SAVE ROJ TV

Hi !

I left a note here at the end of November-last year- here.

I wonder how many of you have visited

in order to give your support to ROJ TV, the only Kurdish Satellite TV in comparison to 1500, Turkish Radio and Television outlets operating in Turkey.

Raise your voice against bullying of Turkish Governmet in Europe.

If you wish you can leave a comment in the spot.

Take Care

Submitted by: Save ROJ TV Initiative
Date: January 15, 2006



Submitted by: ÷MER
Date: January 07, 2006

Subject: Thanks

Hello, I think your site is very informative and very neat. I am recently reading a book at the moment called Kiss the dust and would reccomend it to your site as it was written in the prospective of a Girl in the time of war between Iraq and Iran. Thanks again

Submitted by: Katherine
Date: January 05, 2006

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