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i come from kurdistain dont say there is no kurdistain CUZ THERE IS I HAVE BEEN THERE.

Date: August 13, 2009

Love this Page, that makes me proud to be kurdish!!!

Submitted by: Illy Idol
Date: March 07, 2009

Subject: the Kurdistan

Hi dears

I apreciate your strugle and efforts to introduce histirical and information about my native land the Kurdistan (the last colony of the world)that has divided between 4 country and we have no humany freedom ,you help

our nation by this website to be introduce in the world.

please get in touch with Kurdish liberary and museum in NY

Broklin (mrs Drs Eva)for other informations and her publishments.

yours sinserely Mr Reuf Moghadam from Iran

Submitted by: Reuf Moghadam
E-mail: reuf
Date: February 09, 2009

Subject: hello fellow woodmere el alum


Beautiful photographs - windows to the soul of a country-

Sorry to have missed the exhibition as this site was just discovered..will order the book

I saw some of the same expression in the face of a young Palestinian woman last night at a peace prayer vigil

Submitted by: Mimi Dilg
Date: January 07, 2009

Subject: hiwa

sume people think kurdistan history are after the area people came from uropian ,but history of kurdistan going bck to the 7000 years ago ,how even untill now werent found many more information history of kurdistan ,because kurdish people were sapret between 4 defrent countries,and kurdish people are mix kurdish indian and ourpian .now in kurdistan of iran that part name city is pavehor horaman ,untill now didnt found many thingh of important relagion of kurdish people because repoblic eslamic of iran .about more than 5000 tousand years kurdish people had defrent relagion by name zardosht ,zardosh colig had a book to help people by name avesta and by horami or pahlo langvich wrote down.that langvich are very old of kurdish people.

last people in the medeil east ecsept moslem relagion in 1300 years ago was kurdish peole.if mouslim people came to kurdistan to ecsept moslem relation to kurdish people thay killd many many kurdish people and thay born the many library of the kurdish langvich and kurdish history .but kurdish people didnt sat down and they steel keep the langvich .after many years arabic people ecsept eslamic relagion to the kurdish people ,but steel that old relagion by name zardosht or yarestan is alive in between sume kurdish people,and untill now kurdish people didnt satdown and they did and do defend of the kurdish kulture in all part of the big kurdistan.

Submitted by: hiwa yousefi
Date: January 05, 2009

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