Dear respected and faithful friend,
You left and broke both our circle and our heart. Only God knows how much sorrow has come into my heart because of the departure of you dear; especially so, because I did not know how far you've gotten. When your letter arrived from Bombay, how happy I became. May you be happy because you made our day. You had kindly asked about me. Fortunately, there is no grief except for the sorrow of you being away. I hope that soon in utmost health and joy you will return to your country. God willing, hasten your return so that I may once more be happy seeing you. Let me know how you are. Waiting to hear from you, dear.

Wife of Othman Pasha

Letter from Adela Khanum to Lynette Soane, British photographer and wife of Major E. B. Soane, 1920, translated by Amir Hassanpour, Courtesy Sheri Laizer