Even though the
Ocalan story was the
main subject in
the news, none of the
people passing on the
street seemed to
pay attention to the
50 people of all
ages demonstrating
peacefully outside
the Greek parliament.

What ensued justified my remaining there 4 hours. I have shot hundreds of protests and very rarely can you hear the police in charge give this order: "Dissolve them!" Police were kicking and pulling demonstrators who tried to escape arrest. Panic, screams!

When something glowed in front of me everybody stopped.
Screams became cries.

A man is burning in front of me! It was 4pm, and 33-year-old Akwar Serhan Aziz had set himself ablaze. He had poured gasoline over himself and set himself alight when police tried to clear the demonstrators. Police used a fire extinguisher to save Aziz and two of his compatriots whose clothes caught fire because of their proximity to him.