During my studies, I came in contact with other Kurds and together we took part in Kurdish activities.
  For the first time I went to a Newroz [Kurdish New Year] celebration.
What's more, here I can buy all the Kurdish newspapers and books I want. I am becoming ever more conscious of my ethnic and cultural background. We have a club of friends that generates and exchanges information about Kurdistan.  
For the last couple of years my brother and I have been preparing the first Kurdish-Dutch dictionary. I've gotten acquainted with Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan, with their various religions and languages.
We also have organized all sorts of cultural and social activities, like folk dancing and theater. With Kurdish colleagues we recently established the Kurdish Social Work Foundation to meet the special needs of the Kurdish community in The Netherlands.


Visit to Germany to participate in a big demonstration of Kurds, Bonn/Germany, 1993
Nêçîrvan, Kurdish man living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Excerpts from interview by Trudy Visser, December 1998.