Newroz, Kurdish New Year In Turkey

Newroz was illegal until 1995, when the then Prime
Minister Tansu Ciller declared it as having been Turkish all along.

This, despite the 109 civilians who were killed by the Turkish security
service during the 1992 celebration.

Today, Newroz is more stable.

But still, Kurdish
groups such as HADEP (the pro-Kurdish party in Elazig, in south east Turkey)
are more likely to be refused permission to hold their traditional celebrations.

This photograph shows Nesibe Yilmaz, the Women's Secretary of HADEP. Permission
was denied and threats made to arrest all those inside, but the celebration went on,

©1997 Onnik Krikorian/Panos Pictures,
a freelance photojournalist/new media designer living in the UK.
Submitted March 1998.