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Subject: the kurds

the kurds are great people,wish them kurdistan .

Submitted by: shuli
Date: October 30, 2007

Subject: the kurds

wish the kurds all the good things in life,i realy do.

Submitted by: shuli
Date: October 30, 2007

Subject: rania

i am 24 year old british lady and married a kurd from rania in 2006 i lived in rania with my husband and his family they were the upmost respected pepole i have ever met and i thought the country was really nice if i had a chance to go and live there i would go back tomorow

Submitted by: kelly
Date: October 25, 2007

Subject: Kurdistan MAP is WRONG

There is no country name call Kurdistan. The map you have on your WEB wrong wrong and wrong... That is TURKEY and Iran OK.

Date: October 23, 2007

Subject: A Special Thank...

I sincerely appreciate for that such a wonderfull website. It took me to past, and I again began to think about my past. I do not know how I can help to designer and to improve of that website, however, I will try to keep in touch. Thanks.

Biji Kurd u Kurdistan

Best Regads,

Submitted by: Ciya Bra
Date: October 21, 2007

Subject: azad roj pkk

roj azad


Submitted by: aza roj
E-mail: aza roj
Date: October 04, 2007

Subject: Other

I liked your site.

Submitted by: Sally Kraus
Date: September 10, 2007

Subject: cats and dogs

Your friends are the french, english, germans, americans, jewish, greeks and your enemies are turks, arabs and farsish?

Be aware that your friends are not so close to you.

Submitted by: Selahaddin Eyyubi
Date: August 15, 2007

Subject: Awareness

I would like to thank you for making available to us these wonderful photographs and the information accompanying them. Many of us as American citizens take our freedom and the lives we have for granted. It was eye opening to see these people encountering such utter cruelty and danger while trying to live their lives in what should be their homeland.

Submitted by: Sharron Carr
Date: August 05, 2007

Subject: ....

I’d like to attach, that the time and effort that’s been set to complete this website, worth every sweat mark! One of the finest websites I’ve approached, culturally and traditionally rich, completely striking. Wishing you the best outlook.

H - Naqishbandi - AUS

Submitted by: Hava
Date: July 06, 2007



Submitted by: ALA OWERRI
Date: June 21, 2007

Subject: Kurdish/English public service

Congratulation on your site, I have recommended it to Kurdish and Non Kurds all around the world.

I would like to note that we are creating the first official FREE telephone directory in Kurdish/English in Kurdistan. It is named KARDOZI BAZRGAANI, I hope people can use this public service to find all their needs whether it be bookshops, mechanics or government offices. Thank you -

Submitted by: Zirian Fatah
Date: June 10, 2007

Subject: Unknown

Nice site.

Submitted by: Said
Date: June 08, 2007



Submitted by: WAYNE
Date: June 06, 2007

Subject: tanx

very good im kurd tanx

Submitted by: haval akif
Date: June 02, 2007

Subject: refugees/ kurdish

The iran rig-regime who is a religlous dictator government and support terrorist,war and disturbance –riot in world specially in middle east.

the world know iran government do violation –break limit international principles,diplomatics,politics; likewise inside iran did and do very much crimes- slaughter liberalists,jornalists political people who wanted democracy . if one persons or socials peopls try for democracy and fredom , undoubtedly condemn to excuted or condemn eternity prison . we are one who are best samples of experence that .we were a group of opponents of islamic system in iran afther the governoring of this system and begining suppression of democrat forces and liberali our country we started the openly against this dictator government and cancelling the humanity freedom . and by this reason we have been rushed by this suppressioner forces and up to now those who are opponents of that regime whether inside and ex outside . they always placed of terror and rushing . in the result of the pressed from regime forces we scaped of our home iran . and we refuged to the North of iraqi zone and our home neghibour . and we continued our openly activities and political against the government pervailed over n iran .. the spy bands and terorist that related to islamic government in this regions and they have inceased thier penetration and they kidnapped and terrored thier opponents such as us .

thier actions freedom was the required size of killing refugees under protection of UNHCR .

and sacrificed a number .such a manner the parts of this opponents forces of regime governor in iran.with none close security in a way decreasing of stopping UNHCR activities of side of exiting refugees under protection of him self of iraq to a save spot. Has scaped from iraq and came to turkye.

We are the group of 1204 people in the parties and organization who were opponenets of islamic regime . and in the first of the year 2001 and till the end of 2003 have gradua?y interred to turkey . and have considered our selves to UNHCR offices we have been accepted as like as a political refugee from UNHCR 04/12/2003 and from that date up to now we are waitting for transfering to a save and accept refugee country in. But unfortunately turkiye government have very animical act-behaivor about us,turkiye never help us , we pay all expenditure., and turkiye government dont let we work ;contrary they do close our way to save Money to buy bread for our daily living . we think they only want annihilate us .

When turkey have animical ,discrimination and annihilated politics about 20 million kurds in turkiye, always try to annihilated culture , language ,economic geographical about kurdistanian people in turkey and out turkey , and never want to give recognition to the kurds people and kurdish languages like a nationality .when turkey know we had political antecedent for independent to a part of kurdistan (iran), they close our way of going out of turkey .as a matter of fact , we are 6 years captive of the turkeys government.

For 6 years , we are treated as prisoners of turkey because our life,emotional ,mental and future focused things in captivity of turkey.

We are sacrifice ,relation trade and commercial and animical politics about kurds between turkey and iran governments.

We ask why turkey do not let ( UNHCR )transfer us to secure country ,here in turkey we never have security at all . our life is in menace because, every moment maybe turkey do rendition us to iran . here turkey government and police do contempt because we are only kurdish ethnic people .

Why the way for other refugees is open but for we not. The turkey give way for the refugees who are not kurdish and not political .in the one year maybe more than 600 refugees transfers from turkey to other countrys, but for proples as us the way is closed.

the turkey government out one rule about us , they do not allow us to go or transfer another countrys.

This act is against the united nation organization treat for human rights watch.

And why( UNHCR )have not any emprise, confront and do not resolvent this problem. We wanted the UNHCR do investigation about our situation in turkey . because we experince now very much difficult and critical life,

We Wanted (UNHCR)sending our dossiers to legations countrys who want and accept refugees .

The UNHCR (un- human commission rights ) must do quickly actions to the side of transferring the group to a save and accept refugee countrys. The accept refugee countries will help us receive us with all hearts accepted.

Submitted by: nabi
Date: May 10, 2007

Subject: Other

I liked your site.

Submitted by: Sally Kraus
Date: May 07, 2007

Subject: objection to the map

The region shown on your map are the provincies of south east Anatolia which is motherland of Turks and ruled by Turkish Republic. Please see true maps published in your country.

Submitted by: Nurettin
Date: May 03, 2007

Subject: Kurdistan

I love Kurdistan. Well done for this website

Submitted by: Hez
Date: April 13, 2007

Subject: Facts

Logical Facts.

1. Turkey doesnt exist in the middle east

2. They only exist in Mongolia.

3. The land that is called Turkey is owned by Kurds and Greeks

4. APO didnt do anything for Kurds but represent them as Terrorists

5. Moustafa Berzani is the best leader Kurdistan ever had

6. Jelal Talabani is just a slave for the turks

7. Turkey want to own Kirkuk all the way from Mongolia

8. Its like saying America owns India

9. Turks. Dont ever say there is no Kurdistan, When you look up Turkish culture, it comes up with Kurdish and Greek Food.

10. i seriously doubt that Turks will be civilised.

Love this site

Submitted by: Kurd Lover
Date: April 12, 2007

Subject: Wonderful Turks

Turks.. I really dont know what to say. Im ashamed to be close to a country called turkey. You guys have been threatening the kurds for 4 years. Seriosuly get a life. Please come into Kurdistan, then we will see if you can come out alive.

And those turks who just come up to this website and say "There is no kurdistan". Please dont be a coward, leave your email, and we will tell you wether there is Kurdistan or not.

Turks = Mongols from central asia, not mid-east

Submitted by: Kurd Lover
Date: April 12, 2007

Subject: Kurds and Greeks against Turks

Long live Kurdistan & Greece. I think it was great that Greece got rid of Ocallan in PKK because Ocallan didnt do anything but terrorise Turks. For all i care, kill turks but in a democratic way. Who ever blames Greece, they are weak. We have the best leaders in Kurdistan right now. Mela Moustafa Berzani and Jelal Talabani. Best Leaders ever, both supporting the cultural Kurdistan and the democratic Kurdistan. Im a kurd, and i love Kurdistan. Greece is our ally and turkey.. Turkey doesnt exists in the mid-east. They only exist in north-central asia which is mongolia. Hate turks.

Submitted by: Heman
Date: April 09, 2007

Subject: Love Kurdistan

Love Kurdistan Resent Turkey

Submitted by: Hezz
Date: April 09, 2007

Subject: slaw

slaw, i am aram from kurdistan, i am univ. student in sulaimani univ. i viest your site and i found it verey interest, iam just like it, i wont to tell you that iam ready for any help from kurdistan to you. good work.

Submitted by: aram T. HAMASAIID
Date: April 07, 2007

Nice site.

Submitted by: Soa
Date: April 06, 2007

Subject: I love you kurdistan

Submitted by: jian
Date: April 05, 2007

Subject: Türkiye Türklerindir

Turkey belongs to TURKS!!!!!!

Submitted by: Ahmet Sad?k
Date: April 04, 2007

Kimsenin gucu Turkiyeyi parcalamaya yetmez.

(No one has the power to divide Turkey up.)

Submitted by: Derya Tuna
Date: April 04, 2007

Subject: Kurdistan book

Hello there,

I really enjoyed looking at your web site. I admire you and your valued effort that you have spent for kurdish people. Nevertheless, I still have one request from you. Myself and couple of my friend have been trying to buy your book through amazon or any other book store but, unfortunately the price is much more expensive than what we can afford. I was wondering if any new adition is coming out soon? We would even be happy to see the old edition re-published at a reasonble price ($140 CAD).

Thank you very much!

Submitted by: Harun
Date: March 31, 2007

Subject: Congratulations

Hello. First at all I want to send you congratulatirons for this great job. Is the best site I`ve visited about the Kuridsh culture. I just have to know about, few months, and I m so interested, and all time I want to know more, because are the most impressive and warm culture and people.

Biji Kurdistan!!

Submitted by: Maria Ignacia Ibarra Molina
Date: March 21, 2007

Subject: Other

i liked your site

Submitted by: Sally Kraus
Date: March 19, 2007

Subject: TURKS are real owners thatland

you have not any county anytime. That lands are owned by TURKS for thousands of years. Dont lie yourself. TURKS have that lands until forever

Submitted by: METEHAN
Date: March 18, 2007

there is no kurdistan.

Date: March 02, 2007

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